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Compact Convector Radiator White Type 11 400 600mm Central Heating Single Panel

Compact Convector Radiator White Type 11 400 600mm Central Heating Single Panel
Compact Convector Radiator White Type 11 400 600mm Central Heating Single Panel

Compact Convector Radiator White Type 11 400 600mm Central Heating Single Panel

HB Essentials Compact Type 11 Single Panel Single Convector Radiator White. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 442. Supplied with wall mounting brackets and fixings.

A particularly smart option for heating smaller spaces, the HB Essentials Compact Type 11 provides easily controllable heat from just one panel and convector. The steel construction and gloss white finish make for a robust unit that will never fade, discolour or need regular polishing to stay in good condition, and the classic panel design will blend nicely with any traditional or minimalist space. The real strength of the Compact Type 11 is its versatility.

The neatest 300mm x 400mm option will fit perfectly in short spaces between dormer windows, while the biggest 750mm x 1800mm units will cover much larger wall areas. With sixty size options, all from UK stock, there will always be an option that fits the bill. A great choice for anyone who wants the same radiator design throughout a property but doesn't want to compromise on build quality or appearance. Excellent value without looking cheap, timeless while never looking dated, these tough, reliable and attractive radiators will bring gentle heat and subtle style to any living space. Range of standard and thermostatic valves available separately.

Central Heating Convector Radiators - Explained! All Radiators (Convector's, Column and Designer) heat your room using Convective Heat.

This is the process of Hot air rising within your room and pushing the cooler air towards the bottom of the room and thus coming into contact with the radiator. The Convector Radiator is designed to have Fins (Zig-Zag metal strips) which create a larger surface for the air to come into contact with. Hot water is circulated through a tube within the Convector which is surrounded by these fins.

As with the other Radiators the hot air in the room rises and the cooler air is attracted to the Radiator. You should consider a Convector Radiators if: you are looking for a heating appliance that can heat the room quicker that Designer and Column Radiators.

Central heating Radiators/Towel Rails are heated using your central heating system. The most important part of this system - for your Radiator/Towel Rail - is the boiler, and you most likely have one in your kitchen or bathroom. This boiler heats water, which is then circulated through the pipes behind your walls or under the floor to heat all of the radiators in your home or office. Single and Double Panel - Explained! Whereas, a Single Panel Radiator only has one panel which faces away from the wall. Because the design puts one panel behind the other, the height and width of the radiator will stay the same whether you choose single or double panel.

Compared to the Single Panel options, the Double Panels will produce more heat because they have more surface area to warm the air in the room. You should bear in mind that this extra heat from a Double Panel will come at a higher cost.

When browsing the Convector Radiators, you may see Double Panel Double Convector, this means that as well as having a panel on the front and back of the radiator, there is also an extra Fin (for explanation of what a Fin is, please see Convector Radiators Section) attached to the back panel. Double Panel Single Convector means that the radiator has both a front and back panel, but only one Fin attached to the front panel. Radiator Wall to Pipe Centres. Heat Output BTU (Delta T50). Heat Output BTU (Delta T60). Heat Output Watts (Delta T50). Heat Output Watts (Delta T60).

300mm x 400mm Single Panel. 300mm x 500mm Single Panel. 300mm x 600mm Single Panel. 300mm x 800mm Single Panel.

300mm x 1000mm Single Panel. 300mm x 1200mm Single Panel. 300mm x 1400mm Single Panel.

300mm x 1600mm Single Panel. 300mm x 2000mm Single Panel. 400mm x 400mm Single Panel. 400mm x 500mm Single Panel.

400mm x 600mm Single Panel. 400mm x 700mm Single Panel. 400mm x 800mm Single Panel. 400mm x 900mm Single Panel. 400mm x 1000mm Single Panel. 400mm x 1100mm Single Panel. 400mm x 1200mm Single Panel. 400mm x 1400mm Single Panel.

400mm x 1600mm Single Panel. 400mm x 1800mm Single Panel. 400mm x 2000mm Single Panel. 400mm x 2200mm Single Panel.

500mm x 400mm Single Panel. 500mm x 500mm Single Panel.

500mm x 600mm Single Panel. 500mm x 700mm Single Panel.

500mm x 800mm Single Panel. 500mm x 900mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1000mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1100mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1200mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1400mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1600mm Single Panel. 500mm x 1800mm Single Panel.

500mm x 2000mm Single Panel. 500mm x 2200mm Single Panel. 600mm x 400mm Single Panel. 600mm x 500mm Single Panel.

600mm x 600mm Single Panel. 600mm x 700mm Single Panel. 600mm x 800mm Single Panel. 600mm x 900mm Single Panel.

600mm x 1000mm Single Panel. 600mm x 1100mm Single Panel. 600mm x 1200mm Single Panel. 600mm x 1400mm Single Panel. 600mm x 1600mm Single Panel.

600mm x 1800mm Single Panel. 600mm x 2000mm Single Panel. 600mm x 2200mm Single Panel.

750mm x 400mm Single Panel. 750mm x 500mm Single Panel. 750mm x 600mm Single Panel. 750mm x 800mm Single Panel. 750mm x 1000mm Single Panel.

750mm x 1200mm Single Panel. 750mm x 1400mm Single Panel.

750mm x 1600mm Single Panel. 750mm x 1800mm Single Panel.

Please allow extra time if you are paying by cheque. Or you can collect from us. This means that you do not have to wait in until your goods arrive. We therefore respectfully ask that you do not arrange for a plumber or other tradesperson to fit your goods until you have received and checked your order.

We cannot be held responsible for wasted tradesperson visits and charges incurred as a result. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR COURIER DELIVERIES.

When your order arrives, you will be asked to sign to say that you have received the goods and that they are in good condition. Please check both the external packaging and the product inside for any damage. We will arrange for a replacement item to be delivered to you as soon as possible, at which time the damaged item will be collected and taken away by the driver. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR PALLET DELIVERIES.

The drivers are only insured to deliver goods to the curb and are not required to carry goods into your home. If you find any damage, please sign the pallet as'DAMAGED' and the driver will take the damaged pallet away. If you are having multiple items delivered and only some are damaged, please sign'DAMAGED' for the goods that are damaged. If someone else will be signing for your goods. If someone else is signing for the goods on your behalf, you agree to ensure that your nominated signatory checks the goods prior to acceptance.

Choosing the right accessories for your new Radiator or Towel Rail. The type of valves that you need will depend on the configuration of your pipework. If the towel rail / radiator has connections at the bottom.

You will need either angled or straight valves. Angled if your pipes are coming from the wall as this will provide a 90 degree angle up into the bottom of the towel rail / radiator, straight if your pipes are coming from the floor and just need to go straight up into the bottom of the towel rail / radiator. If the towel rail / radiator has connections at the sides. You will need either angled or corner valves, angled if your pipes are coming from the floor as this will provide a 90 degree angle into the side of the radiator. Corner Valves if your pipes are coming from the wall this will also give a 90 degree angle into the side of the radiator however is the neatest solution with this type of configuration.

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  • Colour: White
  • MPN: HB11
  • Brand: HB Essentials
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Material: Steel

Compact Convector Radiator White Type 11 400 600mm Central Heating Single Panel