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Radiator Compact Heater Stelrad Type 21 P+ Convector Panel Rad Central Heating

Radiator Compact Heater Stelrad Type 21 P+ Convector Panel Rad Central Heating

Radiator Compact Heater Stelrad Type 21 P+ Convector Panel Rad Central Heating

Powered by Just Template IT. Dual Fuel Towel Rail Kits. Radiator Towel Bars & Hooks. Radiator Compact Heater Stelrad Type 21 P+ Convector Panel Rad Central Heating. Available in heights of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 700mm.

CE Marked, BS EN 442 Certified. 101mm - 112mm Projection from the wall. Width + Valves Pipe Centres. 62mm - 73mm Wall to Pipe Centres.

Specification: 101mm - 112mm Projection from the wall, Width + Valves Pipe Centres, 62mm - 73mm Wall to Pipe Centres, 15mm (1/2) Inlets, 10 Years Guarantee. Combining classic design with exceptional heat outputs, the Stelrad Compact P+ radiator is the ideal choice for any domestic or commercial installation. With a smooth and crisp white powder coat finish that will integrate with any decor, the Compact P+ comes in a flexible range of sizes, making this versatile radiator an energy efficient and stylish way to update your modern heating system. Stelrad manufactures their radiators from steel, the ideal choice for a high-performance radiator thanks to its thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Conforming to BS EN 422 standards and guaranteed to perform at up to 8 bar, these type 21 radiators feature a single set of convector fins sandwiched between two panels, giving you all the advantages of higher heat outputs from the larger surface area with the slim profile of a type 11 radiator. Backed up with a 10-year guarantee as a measure of their all-round performance, reliability and quality, Stelrad Compact radiators are the savvy choice when you need efficiency and comfort.

Watts are our main unit of energy/power in the UK, commonly associated with lightbulbs and Home Energy performance certificates (EPCs). BTUs are the unit of measurement used to portray a radiators heat output and a rooms heating requirement.

1 Watt is equal to 3.41 BTUs. So, we need a way of knowing if a radiator is powerful enough to heat the room that we are shopping for - Watts and BTUs provide us with a value that makes its easier to compare radiators and ultimately choose the right one for our heating requirement. What does the value represent? In simple terms, this value is about heat loss.

Heating a room only works, if the radiator output exceeds the heat loss of the room. We use this calculation to make it easy to choose a radiator that will have a heat output that exceeds the heat loss of the room when connected to your heating system type. Unless you have a low temperature system like a heat pump, then please look at the Delta 50 heat outputs. Manual Radiator Valves Brass Angled Corner Straight 1/2 x 15mm Twin Pack. Thermostatic TRV Radiator Valves 1/2 x 15mm Angled/Corner/Straight TRV Pack.

Thermostatic TRV Radiator Valves 1/2 x 15mm Angled/Corner TRV Pack. Radiator Compact Convector Gas Heater Type 11 21 22 Central Heating Kartell KRAD. Radiator Compact Type 11 Convector Gas Heater Kartell K-Rad Single Panel Central. Radiator Compact Convector Heater Stelrad K1 Type11 Single Panel Central Heating. Please allow extra time if you are paying by cheque.

Or you can collect from us. This means that you do not have to wait in until your goods arrive. We therefore respectfully ask that you do not arrange for a plumber or other tradesperson to fit your goods until you have received and checked your order.

We cannot be held responsible for wasted tradesperson visits and charges incurred as a result. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR COURIER DELIVERIES.

When your order arrives, you will be asked to sign to say that you have received the goods and that they are in good condition. Please check both the external packaging and the product inside for any damage. We will arrange for a replacement item to be delivered to you as soon as possible, at which time the damaged item will be collected and taken away by the driver.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR PALLET DELIVERIES. The drivers are only insured to deliver goods to the curb and are not required to carry goods into your home. If you find any damage, please sign the pallet as'DAMAGED' and the driver will take the damaged pallet away. If you are having multiple items delivered and only some are damaged, please sign'DAMAGED' for the goods that are damaged. If someone else will be signing for your goods.

If someone else is signing for the goods on your behalf, you agree to ensure that your nominated signatory checks the goods prior to acceptance.

Radiator Compact Heater Stelrad Type 21 P+ Convector Panel Rad Central Heating